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I am glad to introduce a new puzzle game 'Point to Point' available for Google Play.

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    "Point to Point" is a puzzle game for especially people who like mathematics and geometry.

    Simply we have points which have desired connection count. You are supposed to connect points without intersection.

    It is based on planar connected graph under Mathematics. This game is unique in both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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    On some levels you will face with movable point(s). In this case it is hard to find the correct position of that points.

    In this version there are 7 packs and 15 levels for each pack.

    After completing each pack, average point count is increased and it becomes harder to find the correct solution.

    You may not find the solution. Don't worry; you can click the "Hint" button. To get more hint please click "Share on Facebook" button.

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    Easy To Play

    Point to Point game will guide you about how to play.

    If you make wrong thing like crossing the lines, it will show you a pop-up and explain the situation.

    On game play you can navigate any page like level select, pack select under "Menu"

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    Developed By Gideros Mobile

    Point to Point Game is developed by using Gideros Mobile platform.

    It is easy and enjoyable development platform and they have great forum.

    Thanks for their help and 7/24 support :)